What happens when a political campaign shows that an ad has gotten under its skin?  The opposition makes another one to mock the outrage, clearly.  Earlier this week, Rep. Cory Gardner released an ad that noted that Mark Udall can’t change the Senate because he embodies it, particularly as part of the Udall Political Dynasty.  Team Udall responded by saying they couldn’t believe Gardner would go so low as to invoke the name of the beloved Mo Udall (Mark Udall’s father) who ran for President in the 70s.  Of course, Mark Udall himself invoked the name of his father on his own website, but, move along, that kind of hypocrisy among liberals is not important.

Naturally, since Team Udall made a big stink about the ad, the National Republican Senatorial Committee created another, more pointed ad ripping Udall for his membership in the Udall Political Dynasty, set to the opening credits of Dynasty, of course.  Watch below.  If we don’t post for a while, it’s because Team Udall is so angry that they’ve kidnapped us, duct taped us to a chair, and forced us to watch endless clips of Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental rantings.  (How else would one get people to watch that crap?) Please send help.