"I can smile like this for days and days without getting tired."

“I can smile like this for days and days without getting tired.”

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Romanoff is rearing its ugly head in Colorado politics once again.  Behind that perma-smile Andrew Romanoff plasters on his face lurks a monster that surfaces as Romanoff’s desperation grows deeper.  In 2010, Romanoff ran a campaign of sleaze, lies, and filth as he tried to claw his way to a Senate seat he mistakenly took for his birthright.  This cycle, the nasty side of Romanoff’s overly ambitious personality began to show again last week at the debate, where a noticeably testy Romanoff tried to lash his way back into a race that is quickly slipping away from him.

Not to be outdone, a new ad running on Romanoff’s behalf by the Pelosi-led Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee resorts to outright lying, following Romanoff’s pattern of desperation.  As Shaun Boyd at CBS4 reports:

“Bottom line: Coffman opposes personhood and supports exceptions for abortion.  This ad is entirely deceptive.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

Once believed to be one of the most competitive races in the country, Romanoff has a run a campaign utterly lacking in any substance whatsoever.  Whereas voters in CD6 can look at Rep. Mike Coffman’s record and see they have one of the hardest working, bipartisan Congressman representing them, Romanoff has nothing to offer them beyond a smile.