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Now, one may not know it from the campaign Sen. Mark Udall has run, but it is possible to run a campaign on more than a single issue.  With a new ad, the National Republican Senatorial Committee opens a whole new line of attack against Udall.  Adding to the long list of other attacks on Udall—his 99% voting record with President Obama, his strong backing and vote for Obamacare, his selling out of Colorado to coastal eco-extremists, his many votes for bloated government including the Stimulus bonanza—the NRSC’s newest ad attacks Udall for his lackadaisical attitude towards national security and terrorism.  Here’s what the ad has to say:

With his single-issue campaign, Mark Udall doesn’t want to talk about other important issues like our national security.  So, with America’s national security threatened, warnings of Islamic extremists, ISIL plotting imminent attacks, what does Mark Udall say? “I said last week that ISIL does not present an imminent threat to this nation, and it doesn’t.”  Really?  Can we take that chance?

Udall’s well-noted fear of cameras and debates (really, any situation he can’t have absolute control over of his image) has now gone national.  This new ad clearly illustrates why: Udall can’t trust himself to not say something stupid or accidentally prove just how too extreme he is for Colorado.