Parents of Jeffco, we hope you’re paying attention because your children are being used. Evidence continues to mount that the student protests in Jeffco are anything but student-led. Rather, it has become clear they are being entirely orchestrated by the union in service to their obstructionist, anti-reform agenda. Jeffco Public Schools

We offer the latest evidence to bolster our case:

Exhibit A: The Jeffco Stand Up Facebook page, the online focal point for protestors that is allegedly run by “students.” The description of the group contains a lengthy rant about changes to teacher pay in Jeffco. It also sites an obscure 2008 salary negotiation between the union and the district. How many students do you know who care about or are even aware of teacher pay issues on this level? The answer is none.

That same description and Facebook page also contain odd inconsistencies, writing at times from the perspective of “us students” but then suddenly changing to the viewpoint of someone who is taking into consideration “all of our children.” Given that students themselves are children, we’ve got a fresh hundy for anybody who can find one that writes using the “all of our children” angle.

Exhibit B: Organizers of the student protests were very concerned about butts in seats on pupil count day, which is the day that districts report how many students are in attendance for funding purposes. Few people outside of teachers and school administrators have ever heard of pupil count day, so the movement’s sudden awareness of its importance leaves us wondering who is really calling the shots.

Exhibit C: The Campaign for a Strong Colorado, a self described “communications consulting firm providing surrogate development, press relations and message advancement to its partners,” was curiously feeding 9News information and scoops about walkouts early on. Considering their strong ties to pro-union forces in the state, their involvement is highly suspicious.

As the mainstream media continues to cover the saga of Jeffco students, we hope that they will take a serious look at who is really behind these demonstrations.