It’s no secret that many supporters of the anti-fracking movement are from out-of-state, but a quick analysis shows just how far flung they are.  In February 2014, the education campaign Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) started sponsoring a supplemental ad insert in The Denver Post.  Not surprisingly, the Sierra Club immediately coordinated a feeble action-alert campaign. Colorado Public Radio and Climate Progress both took the bait.  Hundreds of complaints were alleged, none of which were verified.

Now a second online petition has been directed at The Post to stop the section. Guess how many signers listed their state as Colorado? Just over one half of one percent (0.67%) [the Peak emphasis].  See the chart below.

ePetition Responses

Other key points:

  • Only 2,679 are from the U.S. (34.7%). And the most are from… wait for it… California! Big shock.
  • Our friends in Europe (who are currently being held hostage by Putin) made up a whopping 41 percent of the signers.
  • Middle Eastern countries total 143 (1.85%); Russia totaled 108 (1.4%); and Saudi Arabia had 35 signatures (.45%) (We bet they did)
  • Only 52 signatures from individuals who listed their state as Colorado (0.67%)

We’ll spare everyone a post on conspiracy theories (for now), but we’re pretty sure that when fractivists said they wanted local control, they didn’t have Russia in mind.