Embattled U.S. Sen. Mark Udall’s interview with Eli Stokols probably did go as well as he had hoped.  Here are a few clips from the interview with our take on where Udall could have done better.

Here Udall tries to avoid talking Obamacare by bringing up his self-proclaimed privacy watchdog status, which the Peak has debunked over and over and over again.

Here is our take on Udall calling himself a privacy watchdog:

“Privacy watchdog?  His record suggests otherwise.  In 2011, as we reported, Udall pulled a very public 180 on privacy issues.  In March 2011, he published a diatribe on Huffington Post talking about how he couldn’t support three tenets of the Patriot Act: roving wiretaps, business record access (aka the “215” orders)  and so-called “lone wolf” wiretapping.  Sure, sounds good, except that he voted for these three pieces in H.R. 514 just one month before.  The funniest part of the whole thing?  H.R. 514 only dealt with these three issues.”

Let’s be honest, the real reason that Mark Udall won’t talk Obamacare on the campaign trail is because it’s a disastrous issue for him.  Period.

Here’s another great moment – when Udall says that he has no regrets on his votes over the last six years.  Seriously?  We have regrets about decisions we made last week.  Not a single regret over the last six years?  Udall voted with Obama nearly 100% of the time and he doesn’t have a single regret?  Not a one?  What about Keystone, which would help bring jobs and energy independence to the United States?  Not even that?

And, finally, here is Udall trying to fudge the truth.  His opponent Rep. Cory Gardner suggested that Udall asked the White House to pass cap and trade (aka a carbon tax) before comprehensive immigration reform.  Udall denied that happened.  But, here is a Denver Post report suggesting that’s exactly what happened.  From a 2010 Denver Post blog post:

“President Barack Obama isn’t the only one worried that trying to squeeze in comprehensive immigration reform right now could derail climate change legislation that has been in the works for nearly a year. U.S. Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado), who has been a major backer of trying to pass sweeping green energy legislation this cycle, said that the climate change bill should go first in the Senate’s busy calendar and that immigration should wait until later.”

Udall’s entire campaign has been marked by a “distract and deny” strategy, but don’t Coloradans deserve better?