Pelosi ad star cleaned up for the commercial shoot

Pelosi ad star cleaned up for the commercial shoot

Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC, the House Majority PAC, is about to announce an ad against Rep. Mike Coffman that says he opposes stem cell research.  Too bad Pelosi and Andrew Romanoff didn’t do their research.  Coffman has championed adult stem cell research and helped get funding for adult stem cell research at Anschutz Medical Campus.  He also co-sponsored the Patients First Act of 2013 to increase stem cell research.

As part of his support for stem cell research, he worked closely with the Charles C. Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology in his own district. Here’s what the director of external relations for the center, Jill Cowperthwait, said about Coffman’s support:

“Mike Coffman has visited our research facilities on multiple occasions and done everything possible to support us in our efforts on stem cell research.”

As for the ad, that’s not the only misleading thing about it.  The woman in the ad, while we sympathize that her child is ill, is not actually from Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District.  She lives and votes in Wheat Ridge.  And, well, she doesn’t exactly look like she does in that ad either.  See the photo to the right.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the House Majority Project has tossed aside veracity in favor of political points when it comes to Coffman. Last year, a flack from the despicable organization called Coffman, a military veteran, a terrorist.  Clearly not accurate.

No word yet on whether Romanoff will denounce this ad from outside money that clearly benefits him, you know, since he’s not taking PAC dollars and all.