Hm, I don't want to answer any of these questions.

Hm, I don’t want to answer any of these questions.

Tonight, Sen. Mark Udall will face Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner in a Denver Post debate.  Since Udall has repeatedly ducked Coloradans, there are some questions we have for him that we hope The Denver Post will ask tonight.  Here goes (in no particular order):

  • Why do you accept support Governor Hickenlooper’s controversial decision to grant Nathan Dunlap a temporary reprieve?
  • Why did you deny saying fracking ‘keeps us locked in the old system’ when it’s documented in an audio recording?
  • You’ve said you support a carbon tax, what exact price would you put on carbon?
  • Why do you believe that ISIS does not pose an ‘imminent’ threat to our nation? Is it because you missed 64% of public hearings of Armed Services Committee meetings and all public hearings on emerging threats?
  • Why did you lie to the Rocky Mountain News about your arrest record?
  • Why won’t you debate on network TV?
  • Why won’t you support Keystone XL, even though it would provide jobs and energy independence to Colorado?
  • Do you support your donor Tom Steyer’s past water grab as outlined by former U.S. Sen. Allard?
  • Do you owe Coloradans an apology for lying when you said that they would be able to keep their plans?
  • You recently highlighted helping ski resorts gain the ability to use lands all year round as your biggest accomplishment. What piece of legislation have you passed that will actually help hard-working, middle-class Coloradans?

These are tough questions, but the final question is whether The Denver Post will have the cojones to ask them.