"How I'll finally win a debate against Cory!"

“How I’ll finally win a debate against Cory!”

The desperation for Sen. Mark Udall, his campaign, and the Colorado Left is palpable.  Desperate to feel any sort of positive momentum after a month filled with set-back after set-back after set-back, the Colorado Left felt the best use of their time was to disregard the rules of The Denver Post debate and heckle from the audience.  Then again, that must feel a lot better than having door after door slammed in your face, or phone after phone hung up on you when Coloradans realize you represent the most cynical campaign in Colorado history.

With all signs pointing up for him, Rep. Cory Gardner had no reason to come out and try to win the debate, when a tie would suit him just fine.  But, win it he did.  Sen. Mark Udall spent the night claiming he wants to run on his record, but doesn’t quite understand his 99% voting record is pretty much the most literal way one should interpret his words.

To say Udall is improving at debates, is to say the Cuban ski team is getting better.  Surely, if Udall is such a master of debating now, he’ll gladly join Gardner at some of the other near dozen debates Gardner committed to that Udall refused to.  We do not know how much people can claim Udall is improving at debates when he says in all seriousness that he was only trying to be funny when he said the White House fears him when he walks across the South Lawn.  If that’s the case, Udall clearly needs to cut back on the botox because his face is in the perpetual “blue steel” look whether he is joking or politicizing yet another tragedy for his personal political ambitions.

The fact is this debate hasn’t changed anything.  Udall still can’t explain how he is an independent voice for Colorado when he has been rubber stamping everything President Obama and Harry Reid send his way.  To distract and hide from that record (we’ve noticed the Udall campaign trying to make this their campaign slogan against Udall… Pro tip: don’t make your main attack about distracting and hiding from one’s record, when that is the entire strategy of your campaign!), Udall once again resorted to saying “personhood” no less than three dozen times.

If Udall keeps having more desperate debates like this, we wouldn’t be surprise if his campaign staff start asking themselves if it’d just be kinder to take him out back than have him suffer through another one.