"What's this Ft. Collins you speak of?"

“What’s this Ft. Collins you speak of?”

As former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor demonstrated earlier this year, it doesn’t matter how much ambition a Congressman has if he loses sight of the people of his district.  The Coloradoan endorsement of George Leing shows Rep. Jared Polis is starting to make that same mistake as Cantor.  According to The Coloradoan, Leing is a breath of fresh air to a hyper-partisan hack like Polis who favors making national headlines over working for his constituents.  As The Coloradoan writes:

Leing, a Republican, is a unique candidate whose earnest nature caught the attention of the board. A longtime lawyer from Niwot, Leing didn’t come forward with preconceived talking points from his party. Rather, he appeared to speak from the heart on issues such as jobs and public disenfranchisement with Congress. He eschews partisanship in favor of substance of issues. [the Peak’s]

At which point, we believe The Coloradoan would have been completely justified in asking the legitimate question: does Jared Polis even have a heart?

The Coloradoan further wrote:

While the editorial board might disagree with Leing’s position on some issues, his straightforward and honest approach were refreshing in a time of political intransigence. When Leing didn’t know the answer to a question, he admitted it. That’s pretty unusual for politicians these days. He appeared genuine in his efforts to listen to others. As one editorial board member said, “I felt like I could call George if I had an issue.” [the Peak’s]

In contrast, Polis appears to have come off as an entitled, rich kid, brat who was merely talking to The Coloradoan to go through the motions than actually care about having a genuine conversation with them.

[Polis] should take an opportunity to learn more about Fort Collins… [H]e didn’t share a willingness to represent our specific issues, such as funding for Interstate 25 or consequences of the Affordable Health Care Act that are affecting local businesses… Polis appeared removed from Fort Collins and Larimer County. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Polis is like the anti-Coffman: the man who could care less about any new towns or cities added to his district.

Colorado Democrats went after former. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave over multiple cycles, attacking her on the label that she lost sight of her district for national headlines; win or lose Leing is teaching Polis this same lesson.  Polis ignores it at his own peril.