Apparently, Betsy Markey thinks women’s health is well within the purview of the Treasurer’s office. A recent Facebook post asks people to like her page if they believe that “Medical decisions should be left to a woman, her family and her doctor.” markey screen shot copy

That is all well and good except that it has literally nothing to do with the office for which she is running. Literally nothing. The Colorado Treasurer is the custodian of the public’s funds. He safeguards and manages the taxpayer’s money. What the Treasurer does not do is have any say whatsoever in healthcare policy. You’d think Markey would know that, but apparently not.

Treasurer Walker Stapleton has been hammering Markey for months on her lack of substantive knowledge of the issues, and she just couldn’t resist proving her opponent right.

We’d say Markey should fire whoever is advising her, but since we hope she loses we’ll suggest she give them a raise instead.