Disgraceful flyers

Disgraceful flyers

On the heels from our post last week about a reprehensible mailer using the death of Jessica Ridgeway to attack Republican candidate for State House, Susan Kochevar, 9News follows up with an exclusive interview with the Ridgeway family.  As Brandon Rittiman reports:

Relatives of Jessica Ridgeway contacted 9NEWS shocked and outraged at a political ad that uses the 10-year-old’s death to attack the GOP challenger in a state legislative race.

“I am just totally disgusted by this,” said Christine Ridgeway, the grandmother of Jessica, whosemurder at the hands of a local teenager gripped the Westminster area in 2012. “When I first saw this I was speechless for like four hours. I was just so angry and so upset that I just couldn’t speak.” [the Peak’s]

As Colorado Democrats have demonstrated again and again this election cycle, every new Colorado tragedy to them is just more political fodder.  As we wrote last week, the donors for “Priorities for Colorado,” the Democratic group behind the mailer, is a who’s who of prominent Colorado Democrats:

Who are those donors, you ask?  Here they are.  A quick note.  The donors all gave to Priorities for Colorado’s 527.  That 527 is the exclusive donor to Priorities for Colorado’s IE committee.  Many of the donors on this list are esteemed brands that we use every day, so we have to give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not know that their dollars would be used to  produce such vile campaign literature.

Of course, then, there are the usual suspects.   Scytus gave $100,000. Education Reform Now and it’s advocacy arm gave $120,000. Fair Share PAC has given over $300,000. American Federation of Teachers gave $50,000 and Pat Stryker gave $20,000. United Food and Commercial Workers gave $50,000.

Are Colorado Democrats so bankrupt of any intellectual ideas that they must resort to the politicizing of floods, fires, shootings, and now a the murder of a little girl just so they can maintain their grasp on power?  Surely, at some point, the cost of sinking so low to just win an election far outweighs any good that person might achieve in office.

Then again, when you’re a group funded by ambulance chasers trial lawyers and union thugs who are more concerned about keeping their own pockets lined with cash over anything else (say like, attacking an opponent because they lived near where a little girl who was murdered lived), we’re sure the group will have no complaints from its donors on how their money was spent.

Will any of the donors for “Priorities for Colorado” have the decency to stand up and say “enough is enough?”  Or, will they continue their slide to ignominy with nary a second thought?