Romanoff…And curtain.  In case you missed it, on Friday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulled $1.4 million in ad buys to benefit Andrew Romanoff.  It looks like it’s game over for our poor carpetbagging friend.  This was previously considered one of the tightest races in the country.  This reallocation of funds is a huge signal that the DCCC is giving up on this race to save incumbents.  This is how The Washington Post described the retreat:

“The sudden strategic shift follows a reallocation of funds in eight media markets earlier this week — encompassing 12 competitive congressional districts — that signals Democrats are going on defense in the final stretch of the midterm cycle. The committee has indicated that it is now working to bolster candidates in districts already controlled by Democratic incumbents.”

Romanoff was hailed as a top recruit by the DCCC when he jumped in.  How far he’s fallen.  The news came after a well-placed Politico article talking about how disappointing Romanoff has been.  The DCCC told The Washington Post that Romanoff can still win this race and is financially positioned to do so.  Only problem is that Rep. Mike Coffman has more air time bought and more cash on hand.  Now, with the DCCC pulling out, Romanoff is being outspent many times over.  He blew his wad of cash in August and early September because he was planning for the DCCC cash cow to cover him late in the cycle.

Ooops.  That appears to be a strategic error.  Who will cover Romanoff’s tab now?