According to a recent report,  it’s not just Andrew Romanoff who is feeling a little lighter in the wallet.  The National Review reported the Senate Majority PAC has yanked $289,000 in ads planned to support embattled Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign.  The post was based on a tweet by Smart Media Group, a media buyer based in Alexandria, Va.

The news was tweeted a few days before The Denver Post shock endorsement of Cory Gardner, and a few days before the DCCC yanked a $1.4 million ad buy on behalf of Andrew Romanoff.  All in all this is terrible news not just for Udall and Romanoff, but Democrats up and down the ticket. The National Review asks whether Democrats are giving up on Udall.  Between the unfriendly polls and lack of endorsements for his campaign, we could hardly blame the Senate Majority PAC if it was giving up on Udall.