We’ll be the first to admit that at the end of the day newspaper endorsements probably don’t sway many (if any) voters. What they do provide is momentum for a campaign and great fodder for TV ads. See Cory Gardner’s latest ad. Udall Gardner

We’ll admit it was fun watching The Denver Post endorse Cory Gardner last week, but what is possibly even more amazing is that the Fort Collins Coloradoan didn’t endorse anyone at all in Colorado’s U.S. Senate Race. Never mind the fact that Udall actually sat down with the Coloradoan editorial board and Gardner apparently blew them off. That still wasn’t enough of a reason for them to throw support behind Udall. His campaign is just that bad and that offensive.

Here is the advice the Coloradoan had for Udall:

Posing women’s reproductive issues as the most important issue in the state is wrong and stereotypical.

Colorado voters are smarter than you think.

The Coloradoan has been the true wild card of endorsements this year, earlier choosing Republican George Leing over U.S. Rep. Jared Polis. We’re still trying to figure out what the heck happened in Polis’ ed board meeting that caused them to be so angry at him. Maybe it was that whole trying to destroy Colorado’s economy with a statewide fracking ban thing.

But we digress. The point is that even though he was the only one who showed up for an editorial board with the Coloradoan, Udall still couldn’t manage to earn their support. And that is pretty damn sad.