RomanoffIt’s official: Colorado Democrats and Lefties have entered the five stages of grief.  How else can you explain their myopic view of what is happening right before their faces?  It certainly takes being in a state of denial to believe that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee releasing in a Friday afternoon news dump, their withdrawal of $1M+ ad-buy as anything but a bad sign.  As for Andrew Romanoff (D- CO03 in ’16), well, you know it’s bad for Colorado Lefties when The New York Times and Politico have to help them see the forest from the trees.  As The New York Times writes in an article titled “Democrats’ Hopes to Gain in House Fade”:

After countless dire emails and months of fading bravado, national Democrats in recent days have signaled with their money what they have been loath to acknowledge out loud: They will not win back the House and they will most likely lose additional seats in November.

Since last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has essentially given up efforts to unseat Republicans in several races, pulling advertising money from a dozen campaigns in Republican-held districts to focus on protecting its embattled incumbents. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Andy even gets his own personal shout-out (and a photo of him and Rep. Mike Coffman up top!):

Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado, once seen as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country, will no longer face advertising by the campaign committee. His opponent, Andrew Romanoff… was considered one of the Democratic Party’s best recruits for 2014. But the money that was supposed to take Mr. Romanoff to the finish line was hastily shifted… [the Peak’s emphasis]

Now, we know how Colorado Lefties like to turn on anyone who dares to defy their view of the world (*cough* Denver Post endorsement of Gardner *cough*), but before they go declaring The NYT as just the propaganda arm of the RNC, Politico weighs in as well.  In an article titled “House Dems in retreat”, Romanoff again garners the infamy of being singled-out:

House Democrats are resorting to the painful strategy of retreat.

… In recent days, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has scrapped spending on behalf of two prominent candidates in districts the party had high hopes of snatching from the GOP: Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff, a former state House speaker once seen as the party’s best 2014 prospect… [the Peak’s emphasis]

“Had high hopes”, “once seen”, the past tenses of those statements must stab the heart of the Romanoff’s campaign staffers who are frantically trying to save their campaign.  To the point where they’re now sending The Denver Post the calling card of every losing campaign, “internal polls”.  Meanwhile, Romanoff is in his back office, already looking at political maps of Colorado and weighing his options for 2016, wondering what an apartment costs in Durango.

As for the rest of the Colorado Lefties, PeakNation™, we’ll be sure to chart their inevitable decline through the rest of the stages: anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance (they’re too delusional to ever achieve that last one).