i voted stickerElection Day Weeks officially arrived yesterday as the first ballots were sent out.  Some have already arrived in mailboxes.  Since this may be confusing for some, we have created a calendar based on the Secretary of State’s calendar for you, PeakNation™.  You’re welcome.  We’re happy to help you turn in your ballots.

October 14: First day ballots may be sent out.

October 14: Last day to submit an application to register to vote through a voter registration drive.

October 17: Last day to mail ballots to voters for the general election.

October 20: Voter service and polling locations open today and remain open through November 4th.

October 20: First day to begin counting General Election ballots. Don’t get too excited Peak Nation, no results can be reported until after 7:00 p.m. on November 4.

October 27: Last day for an individual to submit a voter registration application and still receive a ballot in the mail.

October 28: Last day to file an absentee ballot application to receive the absentee ballot by mail.

October 31: Happy Halloween, and it’s the last day to request an in-person absentee ballot.

November 1: First day counties with more than 25,000 active electors must provide stand along drop-off locations.  Find yours by contacting your clerk and recorder.

November 4: Election Day! All ballots must be received by the county clerk by 7:00 p.m. Ballots cast by military and overseas voters must be sent no later than 7:00 p.m. MT and received by the close of business on the 8th day after the election.  If you want to vote in person by surrendering your mail-in ballot, you can find your polling location via GoVoteColorado.com.

If you have questions about whether you’re registered to vote, visit GoVoteColorado.com.  If you want to check whether your ballot was received, contact your county clerk and recorder.  When do you need to mail your ballot to ensure that it will arrive by 7:00 p.m. on election day? But, if you are doubting that it will, drop it off at a drop-off location.  Find one by contacting your county clerk and recorder.

Capisce?  Now, no excuses for not voting, PeakNation™.  Your vote is critical.