mad-udallPeakNation™, you wouldn’t believe it, but at one point in tonight’s Colorado Senatorial debate we had to call the paramedics.  The incident came when we collectively fell out of our chairs and hit our heads when the most shocking thing happened: Sen. Mark Udall said something we completely agree with.  At one point in the debate Udall, certainly feeling the inevitable of it, turned to Rep. Cory Gardner and said, “Senator.”  Now Mark, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we know it’s looking more and more likely Gardner will be the next Senator from Colorado, but we still have to count the votes.  Perhaps Udall just wanted to get ahead of the curve.  Perhaps he just wanted to be able to sit a future grandkid on his knee one day and say, “I’m proud to say, I was the first one to ever publicly call Cory Gardner Senator,” as tears of pride well up in the corner of his eyes.

Gardner once again won yet another debate, offering a more positive vision for Coloradans in the U.S. Senate.  Udall, despite being called out repeatedly by reporters across the country for the singular, cynical focus of his campaign this election season, once again decided to go to the same well once again.  Given a chance to ask Gardner a question, Udall steered it straight to the same old, tired cliché his campaign has been pushing this entire time.  At this point, we got to believe there is a string coming out of Udall’s back, and every time Obama or Reid pull it, Udall shouts out, “Personhood!”

Back at the beginning of September, we’re sure Udall’s campaign circled this date for one to celebrate.  Back then, they were thinking, if we can just survive these few debates, the race will be ours after October 15th.  But, we’re betting, when each of them climbed out of bed this morning, they did so with a sense of dread.  Unless the unlikely happened, that smart, positive Gardner would make a political gaffe big enough to change the momentum of this race, Udall and his campaign would not have another opportunity to stop what is looking more and more inevitable.  The campaign that once thought they were being brilliant in limiting the number of debates between Gardner and Udall, are now wishing they had at least one more.

Then again, absent having to worry about preparing for another debate, Udall’s campaign can focus on their next big task: updating their resumes.