I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Maybe it was the extra 800 or so feet in elevation in Colorado Springs that caused so many unforced errors in last night’s debate against Bob Beauprez.  Or maybe it was the shock that Colorado Springs actually does have roads, flying in the face of his mentor Mike Bloomberg’s commentary on the Springs.  Either way, Hickenlooper had a tough night at the debate sponsored by the Colorado Springs Gazette.

At times Hick seemed confused like when he tried to recover after Beauprez called him out for not having an agenda.  Other times, he seemed angry like when he was frustrated that Beauprez was kicking his a$$.  But, once again, Hick flip-flopped:

Obamacare: Before Hick threw Udall under the bus tonight by saying that no governor wanted Obamacare, there was this KDVR article from a previous debate: “Hickenlooper … defended the federal government’s management of some Colorado lands, his decision not to pressure the administration on the Keystone pipeline and he offered a full-throated defense of Obamacare.”

Climate Change: Before Hick attacked Beauprez for his views on climate change, he said this in 2010: …I’m not someone who thinks the sky is falling, when I say that, I get attacked by my environmental friends, but I do know that science is an imperfect thing, but I do know that science is an imperfect thing and it’s very hard to really prove that climate is changing as rapidly as so many top scientists think, or that it’s the result of mankind’s activities, I’m not going to get involved in that debate.

But, perhaps, the most devastating line of the night came from Beauprez, who jabbed Hickenlooper for reading his closing remarks: “John, you did really well reading that there. Now, let me speak from my heart.”