Perhaps it was Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Denver that inspired one of the coldest answers in this campaign.  Last night, in the 9News Channel 20 debate between Sen. Mark Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner, 9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman asked the candidates which issue Congress keeps debating needlessly.  Udall’s answer?  “Benghazi. Let’s move on.”  Is he serious?  Watch the clip below.

From the video:

Rittiman: Senator, what’s the biggest non-issue in your mind that Congress keeps debating needlessly?

Udall: Benghazi. Let’s move on.

Gardner: Look, the families of this country deserve an answer on Benghazi. I think it’s outrageous that people died and Senator Udall is refusing to provide answers for this country.

This is so ridiculous and awful that even Udall looks embarrassed to say it.  You know who would love to probably move on?  The families of those killed in Benghazi.  They’d love to not feel the painful loss of a loved one. The clip below is of Barbara Doherty, the mother of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty.  Her grief is palpable.  So, when Udall says that we need to move on, it must make this family sick.  The families still have no answers.  America still has no answers.  How dare Mark Udall declare that it’s time to move on.  When mothers like Mrs. Doherty have answers, then, it’s time to move on, Senator, not when you say so because your coffee buddies don’t want to answer questions.