Mike Coffman combat gear picIf Andrew Romanoff (D- Unemployed) ever got a real job, he might realize one of the most basic facts of business is location, location, location.  As in, people would notice the location of his new “home” was purely done to serve his naked political ambition.  Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Coffman on the other side has diligently been going to work for the constituents of his district (new and old) ever since he got elected.  As The Denver Post writes:

Three years ago, when the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee was trying to prevent military spending from being swept up in a budget-cutting deal, he pushed every Republican on the panel to sign a letter in support. Only three Republicans out of 35 refused. Mike Coffman was one of them.

It’s that independence of spirit that makes the Aurora Republican a valuable member of Congress, and one of the reasons we think he should be re-elected in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District. (the Peak‘s emphasis)

While Coffman has proven his bipartisan credentials over the past few years, Romanoff’s promises of how he would be bipartisan in representing CD6 ring hollow.  We saw with Obamacare in 2009 how many Democratic Reps. Nancy Pelosi is willing to break in half and sacrifice to get her way.  The 60+ seats Republicans were able to achieve in 2010 would not have been possible if Pelosi did not rule the House Dems with an iron fist.

Contrary to that, Coffman’s combat experience makes him a man his party cannot afford to ignore on any military issues.  With the Veterans Administration needing stronger oversight than ever before, veterans across America, let alone just CD6 can afford to have him replaced.  As The Post continues:

Coffman is a prominent voice arguing for reforms that could save money and keep military spending in check. And his colleagues can’t afford to ignore him because he has spent a substantial part of his adult life either actually in service — including several deployments abroad — or studying the issues. He’s as conversant with them as the military brass that testifies before congressional committees.

Coffman has been laboring in the trenches for the 6th District for years on such important work as a new VA hospital, whereas Romanoff didn’t even move into the district until last year. The congressman has earned another term. (the Peak‘s emphasis)

Is it too late for Romanoff to move to CD2 and vote for George Leing?  Helping Leing to a victory now, means Romanoff could be all moved into Boulder in time to celebrate Christmas.