"2.1 ounces. Still nearly a full ounce than Udall possessed."

“2.1 ounces. Still nearly a full ounce less than Udall possessed.”

For 30 minutes last night, national liberals and Colorado Lefties thought they still had a shot at winning the Colorado Senate race.  The fact that they pointed to an article from the sports blog site Deadspin about whether Rep. Cory Gardner played high school football or not tells you all you need to know about their desperation level right now.  But, what is truly disappointing is the level of attention the Colorado media gave it because, again, this was about whether a Senatorial candidate played high school football or not.

Now, giving credit where credit is due, The Denver Post did in 17 minutes what apparently the bloggers at Deadspin couldn’t do the entire time they were “researching” and writing their hit piece.

Yet, this all raises the question of why was the Colorado political press captivated by what 15 year-old, or 16 year-old Cory Gardner did or didn’t do, but could care less that 22 year-old Mark Udall was arrested with three ounces of Marijuana.  To put how much of three ounces of marijuana is in perspective, if one was caught with three ounces today in Colorado and Washington where it is legal, they would still be arrested and could face up to a year in prison.  Right now in Colorado and Washington, one can only possess up to an ounce.  Udall was three times over that and a few decades too early.

At the time of his arrest Udall was charged with two felony drug counts.  Luckily for Udall, he was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, a place that his dad had been representing in Congress for the past decade.  Nothing suspicious about that at all.  But, for some reason, Colorado’s press is more concerned about fact-checking whether or not 15 year-old Gardner tackled anyone than fact-checking how two felony drug charges were reduced to just a $300 fine for 22 year-old Udall.

Now, call us crazy, but we here at the Peak think it might be a touch more important to get the facts straight on a felony-charged drug arrest than someone’s high school football career.  If the Colorado Left think Gardner lying about his high school football career is enough to change the face of the race, how would they have reacted if news had leaked Gardner was once arrested for having three ounces of marijuana on him?  How quickly would the Colorado press blow up about that story, and why are they failing to do so now?  Just because the guy has a “D” next to his name?