Our friends at Revealing Politics have debunked failed Congresswoman Betsy Markey’s latest ad that attacks state Treasure Walker Stapleton for not showing up to work.

In the spot, Markey asserts that, based on keycard records, her opponent is missing on the job. However, there are so many ways to enter the capitol building without using a key card that it is easy to see Markey’s accusations are dishonest and false.

For starters, security is stationed at two of the capitol’s public entrances. If an elected official enters the building through one of those locations, they don’t swipe their key card to get in since the doors remain unlocked during business hours. Another alternative is that officials can enter the building through a secure entrance with a colleague, as Kelly Maher and Rep. Frank McNulty demonstrate in the below video:

Markey has been peddling this allegation to the mainstream media for months, and there is a reason that no credible journalists have written about the claim. It’s just not true.

As a statewide official, Stapleton also spends a lot of time traveling the state for work. From attending PERA board meetings in Colorado Springs to ribbon cuttings in Salida, he is constantly working even when he isn’t in the office.

Stapleton is one of the hardest working elected officials in Colorado and has received a slew of newspaper endorsements praising him for his work on debt consolidation and transparency. Markey’s ad is grasping at straws because she has nothing to offer, and voters are going to see through it.