CO will play a key role if we see a re-run of 2002, where Republicans took back the US Senate. That’s James Carville’s head under the trash can. It likely was a bad night for him.

As always, PeakNation™, we will bring you the daily ballot returns from now until the election.

Today is the first day that ballots returns were released.  The vote count, as published by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office today, shows the Republicans with a wide lead in the earliest ballots processed during this first week of the state’s all-mail election.  With 27,640 ballots counted, 12,766 were cast by Republicans, 8,714 were cast by Democrats, 5,864 were cast by unaffiliated voters, and the remainder were cast by members of smaller political parties.

To put this in perspective, these numbers represent 46.5% more Republican ballots than Democrat ballots.  With Democrat and Republican voter registration nearly equal in the state, perhaps there is a meaningful enthusiasm gap out there.

No one will deny that these are very early numbers, and we have very light data from Democrat strongholds such as Denver and Boulder (149 and 375 total votes, respectively), But Republicans hold a commanding early lead in the bellwether (as recently labeled by a left-wing blog) Jefferson County, with 37.7% more Republican ballots cast than Democrat ballots out of a total of 6,126 votes cast in the county.

Republicans also look strong in the critical Denver suburbs of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties.  In Douglas County, Republican ballots cast are more than triple those of the Democrats (2,429 to 788). In Arapahoe County, Republicans turned in 36.4% more ballots than Democrats.