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Sen. Jahn “forgets” she killed the business personal property tax.

Endangered Democrat Cheri Jahn offered an interesting answer in The Denver Post‘s candidate voter guide. Apparently Sen. Cheri Jahn (D-Sweet Ridge) doesn’t pay attention to the bills Morgan Carroll she votes for or against. Long-time legislator Cheri Jahn, who was first elected way back in 2001, was asked “What is the first law you would change in Colorado if you could?” Her answer:

“I would repeal the business personal property tax. Colorado is one of only a handful of states that still has this archaic tax on the books. The law taxes Colorado businesses year-after-year on every asset they possess. This discourages new businesses from entering Colorado and current businesses from expanding and purchasing additional assets. Repealing the law would create many new jobs throughout the state.”

Perfectly reasonable, except for one thing: Senator Jahn was a key vote to kill the very law she advocates.

Per beloved reporter Lynn Bartels:

“A Wheat Ridge Democrat who had been a reliable vote to curb the state’s business personal-property tax surprised Republicans on Thursday when she voted against a bill to slowly phase out the tax on new-equipment purchases.”

Senator Jahn used the oldest Democratic refrain in the book – “it’s for the CHILDREN…” but based on Colorado Democrats increasing school funding by only 4% over the past four years (vs. 80% explosion in Obamacare spending) it’s hard to see that children are really a high priority for them. Unless they are protesting, of course.

The fact is, this was another case of her party telling Senator Jahn what to do. For all of the propaganda about being independent, she voted 98% of the time with Morgan Carroll and Rollie Heath. When needed this year, in an 18-17 Senate, she never once stood up as the 18th vote against her party to defeat a bill. Peak readers may even remember how the Senate President whipped her members into voting as she ordered. Too bad an “independent” like Cheri Jahn couldn’t stand up to her own party.

One wonders if Senator Jahn has been so traumatized by her party that she forgot how she personally killed a bill that she now lists as her top priority.