MichaelBennetofficialphotoMaybe it’s a sense of entitlement.  Maybe it’s pride. Maybe they’re just out of touch.  But, the fallout from The Denver Post endorsement of Cory Gardner has been widespread among the left’s political elite.

First, it was former U.S. Senator Gary Hart chiming in, finding himself “dumbfounded and appalled” at the Post‘s endorsement.  Hart even threatened to cancel he and his wife’s Denver Post subscription – to which we respond a) Gary Hart is married? and b) Who knew The Denver Post delivered to Monkey Business?

In classic Gardner style – taking all things from his political adversaries in stride, he smartly quipped that Hart should take his “monkey business” elsewhere.

Now, Sen. Michael Bennet feels compelled to write his own endorsement for Udall, and run it in The Denver Post.  In Bennet’s tone-deaf epistle, he asserts that the man who voted with Barack Obama 99% of the time “rejects partisanship in favor of working across the aisle,” and “hasn’t hesitated to buck his own party.”  Most normal readers would stop reading right there, but we were curious what other falsehoods Senator Bennet could dream up about his embattled friend.

We’ll save you the time, PeakNation™, there isn’t anything earth shattering.  Of course, it’s not surprising that Bennet would come to Udall’s aid. See, Bennet is head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), whose only purpose is to help Democratic Senate candidates get elected.  It would be incredibly embarrassing should Bennet not even be able to get a Democrat elected in his own backyard. Nonetheless, we did find it a bit ironic that Bennet ends his missive lamenting about “extremes in our politics” and “those in Washington contributing to the problem.”  We find that rather hypocritical coming from the man leading the DSCC, as he has run numerous ads that shamelessly misrepresent candidates’ records across the country.

It looks like you are part of the problem, too, Senator Bennet, not the solution.