220px-Cory_Gardner,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressIn case you missed the cheer across the state, Cory Gardner has once again outraised Mark Udall in the final stretch of the campaign.  Gardner reported raising $1.28 million on Monday for the period of October 1-15, with $1.87 million cash on hand.  If Udall has seemed so sad lately, it’s because his haul was significantly less.  Udall raised $735,000 and has just $536,000 cash on hand (sad trombone).  This means that the Udall campaign is burning through cash like a drunken sailor.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are watching the implosion of a campaign.  They are in full tailspin.

Team Udall is trying to spin it as his campaign was front loaded with money and he has more points up on TV, blah blah blah blah.  The truth is that Gardner will be able to throw a significant number of points up with this kind of cash.  But, the more important thing is what this signifies – the wind is fully at Gardner’s back right now.  Fundraising is often a measure of momentum and expectations.  And, it’s looking more and more like people are willing to put their money on Gardner.

The left can make fun of Gardner’s sunny disposition all day long, but more and more it’s looking like he has a lot to smile about.

But, the one question we had – how is Steyer’s fundraising going?  Still at the $50,000 of bajillions that he was planning to raise?