It only makes sense that after using a little girl’s murder and the very erroneously interpreted “investigation of miscarriages,” Colorado Democrats and their associated groups would turn to outright xenophobia in their attempt to paper over their record and keep their clutches on power.

The official campaign committee of Colorado Senate Democrats, the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund Colorado, has released this extremely xenophobic Facebook ad, asking the question is someone with the last name of Sanchez, “really one of us?”  Had Republicans resorted to what is such an obvious attack based on someone’s race, Colorado Lefties would be up in arms about how dirty of an attack it was.  Yet, once you put an ‘R’ next to someone’s name, as we’ve already seen quite well this year, nothing is too low for Democratic tactics as long as they win.Kerr Sanchez

As you can see from the ad (h/t The Durango Herald’s Peter Marcus), they place a photo of Sen. Andy Kerr with a Broncos background right next to a photo of state Sen. Candidate Tony Sanchez and a 49ers background.  The statement above states:

[Tony Sanchez,] not one of us.

Marcus asks the pertinent question:

What constitutes “one of us” in a state full of transplants? 1 year? 5? 10? 20?  Is John Hickenlooper one of us?  Are you?  Am I?

In a state where more than two-thirds of its current residencies were born some other place, this type of sleazy attack might piss off more people than it encourages.  But, credit to Democrats: they’re only using sleazy xenophobe ads now, and no longer politicizing tragedies… this time.