Reporter James O’Keefe, with Project Veritas Action, demonstrates how Colorado’s mail-in ballot system can be easily compromised as a slew of liberal activists shows their willingness to commit voter fraud in his latest undercover video.

O’Keefe visited staff who spend their days helping Work for Progress, Green Peace and Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar get out the vote. During each encounter he made blatantly illegal suggestions for ways the groups could garner more votes for Democrats – from fishing discarded ballots out of the garbage to helping someone vote multiple times. In each instance, Democrat activists not only supported O’Keefe’s suggestions but also thought they were “awesome.”

Meredith Hicks, director of Work For Progress, even justified taking ballots out of the trash by saying:

That’s not even like lying or stealing, if someone throws out a ballot, like if you want to fill it out you should do it.

Work For Progress is a group that is desperately working to get embattled Sen. Mark Udall across the finish line in November, and one of their employees is already facing charges of voter registration fraud.   With the election only two weeks away and ballots in hand, we hope that a full investigation is launched into this group immediately.

Green Peace hiring practices and employees also deserve a closer look. One of their employees actually suggests that O’Keefe go to “ghetto Aurora” to collect the ballots of “lower class” people who are mostly “African American and Mexicans.” Yikes! If that’s not wrong and a little bit racist, we don’t know what is.

John Fund wrote in National Review just last week that the Democrats’ abolition of polling places and same-day voter registration laws could create exactly the kind of ballot harvesting and fraud we’re seeing condoned in O’Keefe’s video.

While Democrats consistently claim that voter fraud is rare and practically non-existent, O’Keefe has proven otherwise.