With the announcement last week that another 200,000 Coloradans next year will join the 335,000 Coloradans who already lost their health plan because of Obamacare, Sen. Mark Udall can’t be happy there’s already more bad news for Obamacare in Colorado.

In an article by Investor’s Business Daily, Denver comes in at #4 for cities with the largest rate increase for Obamacare Bronze plans.  At 26%, Denver trails only Seattle, Providence, and Los Angeles who have larger increases.  While the increase would be bad in and of itself, the situation is compounded since the large rate increase comes on Bronze plans.  With the Bronze plans being the cheapest option, they are the type of plan to attract those least likely to sign-up for Obamacaobamacare-logo_full-300x243re, and the most likely to drop their plans at the slightest inconvenience.  Needless to say, a 26% is more than a little inconvenience.  As the article states:

ObamaCare shoppers in search of the lowest-cost plan may come down with a mild case of rate shock when 2015 exchange enrollment begins next month.

…The surge in the cost of the cheapest subsidized bronze policy could negatively impact enrollment in 2015. This year, 39% of bronze plan choosers picked the lowest-price option. One might expect that share to rise in 2015, when millions of people who passed on ObamaCare exchanges this year are expected to enroll.

While some potential enrollees may opt out because of the higher cost of bronze, some young adults may instead pick catastrophic plans available to those under 30. The latter scenario is also not great news for ObamaCare exchanges, since catastrophic plan members are grouped separately, leaving the main risk pool relatively older and more costly. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Don’t worry PeakNation™, we’re sure Mark Udall will get right on this to make the necessary changes to tweak the law and make it work for the people.  We mean, just look back over the last year and see all the changes Udall has help make to Obamacare especially in light of the problems we’ve encountered with it.  In fact, let’s compile a list of all the changes to Obamacare that Udall has led.

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That’s Mark Udall hard at work for Colorado.  Wethinks it may be time to send this work horse to the glue factory.