colorado-state-capitolWhile all the headlines for the newest Suffolk/USA Today poll will go Rep. Cory Gardner’s lead, the poll also represents the first time we get a chance to see where all the amendments and propositions stand.

Let’s start with Proposition 104, a proposition that would require public negotiations between school boards and unions when it comes to collective bargaining.  With 63% of Coloradans in favor of it (only 21% opposed), it looks like unions will have one less place to hide in Colorado.  Now all that dirty laundry that unions want to keep hidden from the masses will lay bare.  Whatever outrageous demands unions want to try to force through will now be known to all Coloradans.

After being rejected by large margins in 2008 and 2010, the “Personhood” amendment, amendment 67, looks like it’s on its way to defeat once again.  55% of Coloradans are against it, while 30% of Coloradans are for it.  We heard Sen. Mark Udall wrote a letter about it or something, so he can probably take all the credit for this.

Amendment 68, which would expand gambling at horse racing tracks, is losing quite badly (67% to 22%).

Finally, proposition 105, the “GMO” proposition— which would require certain food products that had any trace of Genetically Modified Organisms in them to be labeled as such—is losing 49% to 29% right now.

If Suffolk has done a good job polling, it looks like there will be no suspense when it comes to any of the amendments or propositions on election night.