Sometimes Twice!

Sometimes Twice!

That there would be mistakes with what The National Journal calls “the closest thing this country has to a progressive voting utopia,” comes with little surprise.  Under the new law, the ability for voter fraud to be committed has increased dramatically.  Couple that fact, with a more complex voting system that will have technical and clerical errors, and you start having a recipe for disaster.

Already, the officials in Adams County have encountered problems with a  vendor error resulting in duplicate ballots being sent out.  With Colorado’s Gubernatorial and Senatorial races being among the closest in the nation, the errors of a handful of ballots, let alone hundreds, could swing entire races.  As The Denver Post writes:

Adams County election officials announced Thursday that they are scrambling to recover up to 243 duplicate ballots that were erroneously printed by an outside firm and delivered to voters. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Hmmm, scrambling government officials, got to love that phrase where ever it appears.

When you add this newest clerical error to recent videos of progressives admitting they have no problem committing voter fraud by harvesting loose ballots, every Coloradan who cares about the legitimacy of our elections has got to be concerned.

It wasn’t enough for the Democrat-dominated legislature in 2013 to make sure every active voter receive a ballot, even if someone hasn’t voted in the past ten elections, as long as they registered to vote and the Post Office hasn’t informed Colorado that they have moved, they will receive a ballot.

Yep, that’s not ripe for voter fraud at all.