We don't just sell insurance, we also creep on female trackers

We don’t just sell insurance, we also creep on female trackers

PeakNation™, we know Halloween is right around the corner and it’s that time of year for all the creepy-crawlers to emerge from their dark holes and terrorize people, we just didn’t know Gov. John Hickenlooper loved Halloween so much that he’s employed his own creepy crawlers.  In a new video from Revealing Politics we see how Hickenlooper’s staff (one in particular) goes full creeper on a female tracker.

As you can see in the video below, it seems Hickenlooper has employed the most bro-tastic of bros to staff his events.  They’re juvenile hijinks seems to amuse them to no end.  Later on as they were crushing some PBRs, we imagine they were like:

Hick-Bro 1: Dude, dude!  Did you see how I like totally stood in front of that girl?

Hick-Bro 2:  Whatever Dude, I totally got her when I held a sign in front of her camera.

Hick-Bro 3: That’s nothing dudes, I totally stalked her.

Hick-Bro 1 and 2 look at each other and then at Bro 3: Dude, that’s not cool.


Just kidding bro! That’s like totally cool (as they exchange high-fives all around).

Yep, Bro 3 actually follows the female tracker into Starbucks and then starts following her to her car as he pretends to fake text, which, really just makes him even more creepy.

Hey, Bro numero 3, if you like a girl, you can actually talk to her, rather than, you know, wait for her to discard her Starbucks cup in the trash so you can grab it and add it to your shrine to her in the corner of your room.  “See on the lid where her lipstick is, if I kiss that it’s like I’m kissing her.”

Concealed weapon permits were created to deal with people like Bro 3.