The Jeffco School Board has obviously irritated the Jeffco Teachers Union by giving their teachers a raise and asking that they actually perform in classrooms (the horror).  That must be why the Democratic Party tried to turn a simple request to review curriculum into a campaign issue.  Well, that and the fact that Democrats are not doing well this election cycle.  A group calling itself “People Who Love Children More Than You Do” (or perhaps Citizens That Think It’s Asinine to Compare School Board Members to Brutal Dictators?) created an ad that exposes how silly the Democrats’ attempts to turn a school board debate into a widespread controversy really are.  See the ad below:

From the video:

“Fact (internet verified) Andy Kerr is seen here wearing pink plaid shorts. Jeanne Nicholson is spotted here associating with a white labrador retriever. What do these two facts have in common? Wearing shorts and white labrador contain the letters E A H T and R, which, when re-orderd spells the word “HATER”. You know who else was a hater? Adolph Hitler. Don’t support haters like Andy Kerr, Jeanne Nicholson and Adolph Hitler.

Think this ad is insane? Well, so do we, but the same twisted logic was used in a recent ad by the Democratic Party that suggested that Jefferson County School Board is led by Julie Williams and is worse than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who tortured and starved his own people, and Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, responsible for the deaths of 40 million people.

What was Julie Williams’ crime? She asked for a review of the history curriculum. So, the Democratic Party personally attacked this mom of a special needs student who is also an elected school board member by comparing her to genocidal maniacs.

Paid for by Citizens That Think It’s Asinine to Compare School Board Members to Brutal Dictators.”

Hey Dems, here’s a #protip for you – when you are comparing politicians to notorious dictators, you’ve jumped the shark.