Your vote countsWhile ballot reports from Colorado’s Secretary of State only come out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Byron York of The Washington Examiner hunted down updated numbers for today.  As he tweets (h/t Nick Riccardi for bringing it to our attention):

That brings the total number of ballots cast to 1,041,084.  Republicans maintain their large ballot advantage making up a little more than 42.5% of the total ballots cast now.  Democrats are over ten points behind at 32.4%.  Unaffiliateds sit at 24.9%.

Is it too soon to start wondering if, at least for this election, Colorado Democrats introduction of some of the most liberal voting laws in the country are going to come back to haunt them?  Are there more Republicans than Democrats and unaffiliated voters out there who wouldn’t have voted unless they received a ballot?