With the “war on women” messaging from the left growing stale, it’s why it’s refreshing to see that the Colorado Women’s Alliance, a nonpartisan organization that supports research, education, and advocacy in areas of concern to women voters, highlight issues other than birth control in its endorsements. Below are excerpts from these endorsements for Bob Beauprez, Cory Gardner, and Mike Coffman:

Bob Beauprez for Governor

“’Quirkiness’ isn’t a substitute for serious leadership.  John Hickenlooper’s tenure in office has been marked with indecision and deference to a highly partisan Democratic-controlled legislature and out-of-state donors like former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg…. Bob Beauprez will bring his experience in business, government and community service to the Governor’s office. He has a vision for the future that will improve the lives of regular Coloradans….Bob’s running mate, Commissioner Jill Repella, is a refreshing choice. Jill has experience in business, school boards and local government. She will bring a much-needed local government voice to the state level.”

Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate

220px-Cory_Gardner,_Official_Portrait,_112th_Congress“Colorado Senator Mark Udall has followed a Washington, D.C. election ‘war on women’ playbook designed to scare women into thinking birth control is the only issue this election. Yet, Colorado Women’s Alliance polling of independent women revealed that a majority of women simply aren’t buying the pickup line this year, despite six ads and millions of dollars spent by the Udall campaign…. In contrast, Cory Gardner brings a fresh energy and an inspiring vision for our future. He is a family man with rural, working-class roots.  He understands what life is like for working families. When Cory says he will “shake up the Senate,” we believe him.”

Mike Coffman for U.S. Representative

Mike Coffman combat gear pic“Andrew Romanoff moved to Aurora in order to run for Congress in the 6th Congressional District. A far- left partisan Democrat, Romanoff was a better fit at his former Denver district…. Nothing has been given to [Mike Coffman]; he has earned each step along the way. Mike is uniquely qualified to understand the hopes and dreams of working families in his district.  Two of Mike’s greatest priorities are fixing the broken Veteran Affairs medical system and ensuring that active military can protect our country. At a time when our citizens are being murdered in foreign lands and our national security grows ever more challenged, must send the most qualified candidate to represent us in Congress. Mike Coffman is the only candidate we trust to answer this serious call.”