Who forgot the duct tape this weekend?

We will just go ahead and lead with this statement from a disgruntled former Sen. Udall donor: “Who is running the worst campaign? Him. Because fucking abortion is all he talks about. He should not talk about it any more whatsoever. There are so many other issues.”

The comments were made to The Guardian, a UK-based paper, and, frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  The reporter was covering Udall’s campaign stops over the weekend when he hit on reporting gold.  As Udall riled up the crowd by telling him he was proud to stand for reproductive freedom, a former donor and big-time Democrat actually heckled him.  From The Guardian UK article:

Then, finally, came the only reference to policy in Udall’s speech. “And by the way, I’m proud to stand with Colorado’s women,” he said, almost as an aside. “I’m proud to stand for reproductive freedom.”

An angry voice from the crowd jeered: “That’s not the only thing you stand for! Jesus Christ!”

Udall turned to a short, dark man on his left. The senator look genuinely stunned. “I’m sorry?”

“That’s not the only thing you stand for!” The heckler was Leo Beserra, a 73-year-old who made millions on Wall Street and, since the early 1990s, has shared a generous slice of that wealth with Colorado Democrats.

We’re trying to find a video or audio clip of this, but so far, no luck.  Yes, we’ve asked the usual suspects, so we’re asking for your help, PeakNation™.  We desperately want to see or hear this exchange, so the first person to send us an audio or video of this exchange will get a $100 gift card to REI.  You can use it to gear up to take Sen. Udall on a consolation hike after Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!