Earlier this morning, Gov. John Hickenlooper’s campaign tweeted out this photo of Hick hitting the ground hard, trying to scrounge up a few more votes that will prevent his embarrassing defeat tomorrow:

The only problem was, all those energetic young people you see in the photo are canvassers for Rep. Mike Coffman.  As Tyler Sandberg, the campaign manager for Coffman, tweeted out:

The “vaunted” ground game that Colorado Democrats keep claiming will save Sen. Mark Udall and Hick’s bacon (breakfast pun intended) can only work if there are actually voters out there who want to vote for them.  It’s hard to turn out the vote when all the voters are against you.

Hey Hick, after you’re done turning out the votes from Team Coffman, we were wondering if you could swing by and turn out the vote at these locations: Focus on the Family, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Yuma, Mesa State College, Greg Brophy’s farm,  and Colorado Christian University.

Little known fact: Hick canvassed Pueblo the day of the recalls last year; now we know why former Sen. Angela Giro lost by such large margins.

Keep up the good work Hick, these voters are just the thing needed to put Beauprez over the top.