Your vote countsWith last week’s scary turnout numbers for Democrats, everyone was holding their breath to see whether Republicans in Colorado could maintain their 100,000+ lead in votes statewide.  Today, it was determined that they did.  Statewide, Republicans lead by about 112,000 votes.  That said, it’s still important to turn out every single Republican vote because this election could still be a squeaker.  Get your ballots in – but don’t mail them in.  Saturday was the mail-in cutoff.  It is now critical to walk your ballot in to the nearest ballot deposit location, which can be found here.


D: 446,448 (32.3%)

R: 558,966 (40.5%)

U: 359,496 (26.1%)

Below are the ballot returns for Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties – two of the most watched counties in the country.  We also added Denver and it’s counterpart El Paso County.

Jefferson County (Total: 179,952)

D: 57,283 (31.8%)

R: 69,716 (38.7%)

U: 51,167 (28.4%)

Arapahoe County (Total: 152,093)

D: 50,689 (33.3%)

R: 61,113(40.2%)

U: 38,868 (25.5%)

Denver County (Total: 143,359)

D: 76,565 (53.4%)

R: 28,455 (19.8%)

U: 36,496 (25.5%)

El Paso County (Total: 164,756)

D: 34,162 (20.7%)

R: 87,694 (53.2%)

U: 40,760 (24.7%)