UPDATE: Earlier today, we pointed out the enormous numbers of 65+ voting in the 2014 election as compared to young people.  Of the 1.4 million votes already cast, nearly one-third of voters are over the age of 65.  Again, this age group accounts for 46,714 of the more than 120,000 of the GOP lead, or nearly 40% of the lead.  The numbers of youngins voting compared to older folks continues to be lackluster.  Again, it’s worth noting that Republicans continue their 5,000 vote lead among the 18-34 year olds.

This morning, Republicans breathed a sigh of relief when it appeared that they would maintain their lead.  Tonight, ballot returns are looking even better as Republicans have expanded their lead this evening to over 120,000, according to Magellan Strategies.

Remember, get your ballots in – but don’t mail them in.  Saturday was the mail-in cutoff.  It is now critical to walk your ballot in to the nearest ballot deposit location, which can be found here.

Statewide (TOTAL: 1,463,766):

D: 469,900 (32.1%)

R: 590,653 (40.3%)

U: 403,213 (27.6%)

Below are the ballot returns for Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties – two of the most watched counties in the country.  We also added Denver and its counterpart El Paso County.

Jefferson County (Total: 196,884)

D: 62,520 (31.8%)

R: 75,166 (38.2%)

U: 59,198 (30.1%)

Arapahoe County (Total: 156,225)

D: 52,167 (33.4%)

R: 62,358 (40.0%)

U: 38,868 (24.9%)

Denver County (Total: 144,082)

D: 76,947 (53.4%)

R: 28,536 (19.8%)

U: 38,599 (26.8%)

El Paso County (Total: 176,395)

D: 36,478 (20.7%)

R: 93,215 (52.8%)

U: 46,702 (26.5%)