After a long, hard fight in what was one of the tenser down ballot races, incumbent Treasurer Walker Stapleton has defeated failed Congresswoman Betsy Markey 50.8%-44.1%.Walker Stapleton

The race for Treasurer took a nasty turn earlier this year when Markey began making desperate and false claims about Stapleton’s attendance record. Stapleton then exposed Markey for her complete and utter lack of knowledge about public finances when he asked her describe a “yield curve.” Said Stapleton’s campaign manager Michael Fortney at the time:

This was not a difficult or obscure financial term; yield curves are looked at everyday in the Treasurer’s office and help guide the decisions on investments and financing options. This is public finance 101. Betsy Markey, who is asking voters to elect her as the overseer of Colorado’s finances, once again displayed that she does not have the background or the knowledge to effectively serve as Colorado Treasurer.

We hope that after suffering humiliating losses both this year and in 2010, when she lost to Rep. Cory Gardner, that Markey will finally go away for good.