Cynthia Coffman

Cynthia Coffman has a lot to smile about today.

We know that some of the down ballot races are easy to ignore, but Republicans had several great wins in these races as well.  Here’s a list of the results across the state in the executive branch, board of education, and University of Colorado Board of Regents.

Secretary of State and Attorney General

The down-ticket races for positions like Attorney General and Secretary of State don’t often receive as much attention as they did this past cycle, but two exceptional Republican candidates emerged victorious last night in these races.  Republican Cynthia Coffman bested her Democratic opponent, Don Quick, 52.5% to 41.4% statewide.  Cynthia Coffman better understood the role of the Attorney General’s office and we’re thrilled she was successful last night.  Similarly, Republican Wayne Williams beat Democrat Joe Neguse in the Secretary of State race 48.4% to 44%.  In each scenario, outside groups played a large role in funding outreach and advertising efforts and it paid off.

Coffman’s triumph is particularly significant as she faced a Libertarian opponent and still beat Quick by nearly 10 points.

State Board of Education (Winners are in Red)

District 1

Valentina Flores (D – unchallenged)

District 3

Marcia Neal (R) – 56.5%

Henry Roman (D) – 43.4%

District 7

Jane Goff (D) – 52.9%

Laura Boggs (R) – 47%

CU Regents

District 2

Linda Shoemaker (D) – 50.1%

Kim McGahey (R) – 42.7%

Daniel Ong (L) – 7.1%

District 6

John Carson (R) – 56.4%

Naquetta Ricks (D) – 43.5%

District 7

Irene Griego (D) – 59.1%

Steve Golter (L) – 40.8%

Congratulations to all.