Beth Martinez Humenik

Beth Martinez Humenik

Those watching the close races across the state may know that there are several state legislature races still up in the air due to Adams County.  The most recent update from the noon hour showed that Republicans were still up in the county, however there are more ballots left to count.  Here are the races in Adco we’re watching:

SD24: Beth Martinez Humenik (R) vs. Judy Solano (D)

Currently, Humenik is leading by 1,005 votes over Democrat Judy Solano.  A Martinez Humenik win would officially flip the Senate for Republicans.

HD30: JoAnn Windholz (R) vs. Jenise May (D)

This race wasn’t even in play to begin with, but the wave in Colorado put this seat up for grabs.  Currently, Windholz is leading by 467 votes.  If she maintains this lead, she’s out of recount territory.  Fingers crossed.

HD31: Carol “Jody” Beckler (R) vs. Joe “Rape Whistle” Salazar (D)

After being utterly offensive at the Capitol for the past two sessions, it’s not shocking that Salazar’s race is in play, but it certainly wasn’t on the target list.  Currently, Beckler is ahead 51 votes.  Or, as Lynn Bartels noted:

We’ll keep you posted, PeakNation™, on potential parade details.