colorado-state-capitolWith the latest news that state Senator-Elect Beth Martinez Humenik widened her lead back to 882 votes over Democrat Judy Solano with only about 3,000 votes left, the Peak is calling the race for Humenik.  More importantly, with this seat, Republicans secure the majority in the state Senate for the first time in a decade.

Making the flip all the more remarkable is the fact that Republicans essentially had to win three races to do so.  With two state Senators elected in low-turnout recalls in heavily Democratic districts, it was always going to be tough to hold on to those two seats.  As expected, those two seats were lost on Tuesday.  But, Republicans were able to counter those loses with wins over state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger and state Sen. Jeanne Nicholson.  Which meant all eyes turned to Adams county to see which party would control the state Senate.

With Republicans recapturing the majority, expect many bills that couldn’t make it out of the “kill” committee the last few years to finally get their day of debate.  Especially bills that moderate Democrats would support, but were killed by the far-left of the Democratic caucus.  Among these are revisiting the heavy-handed renewable energy mandates Gov. John Hickenlooper forced on rural Coloradan communities, and certain aspects of the gun legislation.  Such bills could make for some uncomfortable votes for vulnerable Democrats over in the state House.

Yet, probably the most important aspect of Republicans capturing control of the state Senate is the ability to block any legislation that Democrats may bring forth on fracking made from the “recommendations” from the liberal council Gov. John Hickenlooper assembled to satisfy the far Left.  Such legislation that could end up crippling a billion-dollar industry, and one of the main reasons Colorado’s economy is as strong as it is right now. Hick has proven that he does not have the will or stomach to stand up to the extremes of his party, Coloradans can rest assured that Senate Republicans will provide a much needed check on the Democratic state House.

Congratulations to Beth Martinez Humenik, and the Republican state Senators.