As the dust ever so slowly continues to settle, it has become clear that Republicans will not control the state house. And the truth is, it was always a long shot.

Did Colorado Dems learn to gerrymander from their Chicago counterparts?

In 2011, the Democrats drew a House map that was so grossly gerrymandered that statehouse Republican candidates were able to earn over 189,000 more votes that Democrat candidates this cycle yet still not take over control of the chamber.

Governor Elbridge Gerry would be proud.

For comparison purposes, Sen.-elect Cory Gardner beat Mark Udall by over 47,000 votes, and Gov. John Hickenlooper beat Bob Beauprez by over 58,000 votes.

Even if you take out all the unopposed races on both sides and look at the numbers, House Republicans still have a 24,000 vote advantage. Political consultant Andy George sums it up perfectly:

Disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters comes with a price.  Democrats might be patting themselves on the back today, but good luck getting public support for your low-flow toilet mandate without a mandate from the people.