colorado-state-capitolThe State House and Senate race results have slowly drip, drip, dripped out, which is tough for average Coloradans to keep track of.  Here’s what we know: Republicans flipped the Senate.  Democrats will keep the House.  It’s worth noting again that Republicans “won” the State House vote by a larger margin than the margin by which Gardner beat Udall and Hickenlooper beat Beauprez, yet still did not win the House – a clear sign of gerrymandering.  Here’s where we are, so far.  The absolute vote totals will change as votes are counted and cured, but the expected outcomes likely will not.

Two races remain up in the air – Democratic Rep. Jenice May vs. Republican JoAnn Windholz and Democratic Rep. Mike McLachlan vs. Republican former Rep. J. Paul Brown.  May is losing by 110 votes, while McLachlan is losing by 206 votes.  May, whose seat was considered safe and who chaired the Senate Majority Fund, told The Denver Post that she was “caught in the wave” of Republican ground game victories.  But, of course, according to other Democrats, that wave never happened.

Below are the expected results for other close races in which the votes are still being counted or cured:

SD 5: Republican Don Suppes lost to Democratic Kerry Donovan in term-limited Sen. Gail Schwartz’s seat.  Donovan won by 1,063 votes.

SD 16: Republican Tim Neville beat incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Nicholson by 2,042 votes.

SD 19: Republican Laura Woods beat Democratic Sen. Rachel Zenzinger by 689 votes. Zenzinger was hand-picked by the tasteless Evie Hudak, who insulted a rape victim in order to prove a point in 2013.  That kind of legacy is tough to shake.

SD 20: Republican Larry Queen lost to incumbent Democratic Sen. Cheri Jahn by 381 votes.

SD 22: Republican Tony Sanchez lost to incumbent Democratic Sen. Andy Kerr by 1,237 votes.

SD 24: Republican Beth Martinez Humenik beat former Democrat Rep. Judy Solano by 876 votes.

HD 3: Republican challenger Candice Benge lost to Democratic incumbent Rep. Daniel Kagan by 436 votes.

HD 17: Rep. Tony Exum conceded his seat, making Kit Roupe the next House Rep. from Colorado Springs.  Exum lost by 294 votes.

HD 31: Republican Jody Beckler narrowly lost by 216 votes to Democratic Rep. Joe “Rape Whistle” Salazar.

HD 36: For a while it looked like Rep. Sue Ryden was in danger of losing her seat, but eventually she beat Republican challenger Richard Bowman by 664 votes.