Warning to all special interests

We recounted this summer how the Colorado Association of Home Builders imploded after the group’s leadership fractured regarding a disagreement over Gov. John Hickenlooper’s proposal to hold a special session on oil and gas regulations.

CAHB’s lobbyist Steve Durham resigned, as did six of their board members, who spun off to create a new association. It was quite the dramatic exit and completely neutered what used to be one of the most powerful groups under the gold dome.

Since its collapse, CAHB has found itself grasping for relevance. So, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to see The Denver Post write the requisite “Colorado home builders regroup” story this week. It was likely the result of a PR push from the group itself. While some of CAHB’s members may retain their individual power and influence at the Capitol, the Association’s political muscle is gone. As the Post reports, “While lobbying will remain an important function, the group is placing more emphasis on other activities….”

CAHB’s story should actually serve as a warning to other special interests. Stay in your lane or risk becoming irrelevant.