The new DCCC chief?

The new DCCC chief?

Man, have some self-respect.  Every few months, Pelosi someone starts charming Polis by considering him for the head of the U.S. House’s campaign operation, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Polis comes bounding back from the nether regions of his party to beg for the position.  Inevitably, he is denied.  Will this finally be the year that Polis wins the DCCC leadership pageant or did the money that some folks invested in weakening him as a candidate weaken him too far?

According to Mark Matthews at The Denver Post, Pelosi will make her decision next week.  It’s tough to believe that Pelosi will select Polis for the spot for a few reasons:

  • Polis lost in half of the counties in his district this go-around.  More importantly, he lost in key counties of Jefferson and Larimer.  He might have some personal housekeeping to tend to.  This poor performance led former Democratic Party Chair-turned pollster Floyd Ciruli to note that Polis has limited marketability in Colorado.
  • Polis has a habit of embracing far left environmental issues…but only when it suits his personal interests.  Of course, when it translates to him padding his bank account, he’s all too willing to invest in oil and gas.  Alienating the base does not win elections.
  • He’s up against some pretty impressive names.  Joe Kennedy – yes, from that family.  Joaquin Castro – widely considered a rising star in Democratic circles.

Polis’ name was floated this July to try to convince him to drop his economy-killing ballot initiatives, last May, and November 2012.

But, Polis’ next “promotion” may be limited to Boulder County Commission. Because if election night last week is any indication, that is the sum total of his political base.  It isn’t nothing. But, for a billionaire who has spent his fortunes furthering his political career, it isn’t a lot either.

Then again, who knows what deals were made in the heat of the fracking fracas this summer.