Ken BuckThis time four years ago, if you said that Ken Buck, excuse us Rep-elect Ken Buck, would serve as the GOP’s Freshman Class President in the U.S. House of Representatives, we would have thought you were insane.  Not because he’s not worthy of such an honor, but because 2010 was a tough election cycle for Buck, a Weld County District Attorney.  He had a tough primary against former Lt. Governor Jane Norton, and then stumbled against Michael Bennet in the U.S. Senate race.  He actually became a talking point for the left.  Actually, 2010 wasn’t just tough, it was blistering.

The man in 2014 is not the same man we saw in 2010. Yesterday, he, in fact, was elected House GOP Freshman Class President, but his journey over the past four years was not without strife. In March 2013, Buck revealed he was battling lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy treatment.  He was declared cancer free that year, but, what a frightening time that must have been for him and his loved ones.

In 2014, he planned to run again for the U.S. Senate, but selflessly stepped aside when Rep. Cory Gardner announced that he would pursue the seat.  He, then, ran for Gardner’s seat.  Despite challenges from just about every elected official in Douglas and Weld Counties, he ran a shrewd campaign.  He won big.  Now, Buck is consolidating influence before he’s even been sworn in.  Here’s what he said in his press statement about his role as president of the freshman class:

“I am honored to earn the support of my fellow freshmen.  I told them our constituents sent us here to get work done, and I intend to use this leadership position to hold our class together and use our united voice to push for action from day one.”

Well done, sir.  Color us impressed.  Congratulations.