In a delicious turn of events, today, student protesters from American University stormed the office of Colorado U.S. Sen. Mumbles Michael Bennet to protest his commitment to support the building of the Keystone Pipeline, which would provide much-needed jobs throughout the country.  We don’t know which warms our frozen little hearts more – the fact that students are turning on Bennet, who has appeared with the left’s secular church youth group, New Era Colorado, or that the environmentalists are eating Democrats alive on this issue or the fact that these envirowhackos are frickin freezing Mr. Bigglesworth…while protesting global warming.  While we ponder such complexities, we’re popping the popcorn and enjoying the drama.

From the Daily Caller:

“’Senator Carper and Bennet must know that if they are going to stand with big oil and support the Keystone XL pipeline, then they will lose the support of the youth vote,’ Elli Bloomberg, an American University student protesting at Bennett’s office, said in a statement.”

How touching.  The American University organization Fossil Free AU is giving protesting college students a virtual high five.  See the tweet here:

Fossil Free AU

According to one media report, five of the protesters – some of whom were students – were arrested inside Sen. Carper’s office.

But, we don’t understand.  Why would Democrats have student protesters arrested?  They’re just participating in the process, like those darling kids from Jeffco.  Seems a little pot meet kettle, no?  We assume the media will be all over these arrests and will pontificate on how Democrats are stifling students’ right to protest.  Right?

But, this is really about much more than a simple student protest.  This is about the bitter, um, fracture happening within the Democratic party over domestic energy development.  In our “West Side Story”, the Sharks – the environmentalists.  The Jets – the pragmatists.  One side is ready to rumble – the other just wishes the whole thing would go away.

But, hey, we’re just bundled up in our fossil fuel-heated parents’ basement, eating our genetically-modified, petroleum product-coated popcorn, enjoying the show.